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Bah humbug

The campus is empty. Anyone that has leave left is on holiday. All that remains is narky arse profs, the odd one or two chinese students, CSD Helpdesk and the odd security guard.


Thats why we are still manning the helpdesk. 6 of us….for the remaining 4 members of staff…..ok thats a bit of an under exaggeration. There are a good few people left, most of them seem to be pissed off that none of our second line people are in and also pissed off that they have to work. Which makes my job even more depressing.

One guy called in to complain that we’re not open over the Christmas period. Well I’ve got news for you Mr. THE UNIVERSITY IS CLOSED OVER THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD! So if you want to come in and do work dont expect everyone else to! Another guy sounded distraught over how there was noone to solve his problem for a few weeks….short of saying “I’m too important for Christmas” this guy sounded disgusted by the whole idea of people actually being off!

I dont want to be here. Please someone come and rescue me!


Author: stegzy

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