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There comes a time in every relationship when things just get to boiling point and tensions run high. Mornings are the time angelhands stresses me out the most. I’ve gone on about morning routine before but hey…..

If I am to be on time for work I have to be on the road by 8:15 at the latest (sometimes I can push it to 8:20 but only out of term time). I wake at 7ish (sometimes 7:15) get up, showered, dried, dressed, breakfast eaten etc by 8…then if I have time I’ll make a sandwich, do some small house chores. This is handy timing for when I have to get the bus or a lift to work as the bus leaves at 8:10 and Nikki drives past the cross roads in Hunts Cross at 8:15 so theres plenty of time to walk for the bus or light jog to meet Nik. (Of course I have to forego the sandwich and the house has to have a few mucky breakfast dishes not put in the dishwasher). getting me into work at a healthy 8:50 or earlier.

angelhands‘s morning routine goes something like this:- grunt at 7am alarm, Lounge in bed until stegzy gets out of the shower, sit up play with cats, lounge about a bit more, wait until 7:40, think about getting up, get in the shower, lounge about until 7:55, think about getting dressed, go down stairs, ask stegzy to run upstairs to get something, make a juice, tell stegzy to do something that could wait until later, look for insulin and other things, look for things that are not urgently required, protest that 8:15 still leaves 5 minutes to get out the house, leave house, get in car, get out of car, get in car, grump, complain at the speed at which stegzy is driving, announce that she needs car/wants dropping somewhere stupid/picking up somewhere inaccessible. Getting stegzy into work at 9am or later

Of course pointing out that her being slow in the morning makes me late for work does nothing but rub salt into the ulcer.

On some occasions angelhands will announce at 7:55 (normally when Im behind schedule) that she requires the car and that she has decided that she is not going into work today, which means I have to run to the bus stop to throw myself in front of the 78 bus or it wont stop.

Well this morning I was mega stressed. Having been on time all week (angelhands had been off work [Curiously, when I’m off work I dont get use of the car! Mainly because angelhands won’t get the bus or plays the “get up and take me to work you’re not having a lie in on your day off card]) I wanted to have a perfect record of being in work on time, that and I knew traffic gets really bad about 8:20 on a Friday and that can add an extra 10 minutes to your journey (also making you late). So come 8am when she’s still not dressed or ready to go I’m stressing and flapping, mainly because I have still a bit to do before I go to work (feed cats, make sandwich, get milk in, have a bite to eat [yeah I was running late!]) and every time I looked at the clock the pixies had moved it on by 2 minutes.

I admit I boiled over this morning and had a right go at her (Which didn’t help really because I had already had a go at her saying I was having a go at her over something really unimportant) then drove at manic speeds to work (50mph on a 40mph road! I know! Slap my wrist!) in silence. I was really horrid I know. I can be a right monster when Im in a grump but then who can’t. So I got to work (just on time!) and ordered her some flowers to say sorry for being a grump.

Also, while we were sat in silence driving 50mph down Menlove Avenue I mused on how difficult really would it be to get up earlier! Then I could get everything done and have an hour of house chores. So come Monday, I’m going to get up at 6am, shower, dress, eat breaky, make sarnie, put washing on, put dishwasher on, go out for a half hour walk, come back, put washing out to dry, put dry clothes away, wake angelhands up with breakfast, whatever else I can until 815 then Im going to get into the car (whether shes ready or not) and drive to work! [Though knowing me I’ll still probably have to wait until 820 for angelhands to be ready!]


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