Bran Flakes

Undertaking on the motorway is a deadly foolish past time. The driver of the car on the M62 yesterday undertaking at 100mph will probably ruin his lovely silver Megane. But I hope to whatever deity there maybe that when he does, he doesn’t have his car filled with kids.


Anyway, it was quite windy over the weekend so we decided to go to Sheffield to see Brian on the Sunday. Brian, angelhands‘ sister’s bloke, discovered last week he had a brain tumor and has had it removed. The topic of brain surgery and the whole thought of jiggering about in the head makes me feel queezy. So I wont dwell on it.
Saturday was one of those “lets just sit about doin f all” days. Which was nice…I arsed about with my Muckybadger site had a jigger about with the php stuff that came bundled with the hosting..

I’ve forgot to take my meds today. So my head is doing somersaults….