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I really cannot be arsed today. I used all my energies being cheery yesterday and today I have a big black cloud…well, its more grey…

I watched a recorded documentry about Krakatoa last night on the video. Videos, for those that cannot remember, are archaic recording devices similar to HDTV only using the medium of cellulose tape. Still it was a very interesting program. It got me thinking, as such programs do, about Atlantis. Maybe the legends of Atlantis are memories of a similar event in the Mediterranian or Atlantic…..Regardless, it was a terrible thing to happen and it also made me think about how little we know about the natural forces that chuggle around us.

angelhands sat reading her copy of “The Ecologist” instead and kept me informed regularly of things that are going on…Did you know that the supermarket share of the organics market has actually dropped yet purchase of organic produce….hinting that maybe people are now swapping back to independent greengrocers etc……which pleases me greatly……

Also in the news today, its pay day. Hurrah! Hopefully something random will happen soon….I need randomness……


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