I like it when…

– I see angelhands at the end of the working day
– I put a bath on for angelhands
angelhands is happy
– Someone falls over, doesn’t hurt themselves then gets up and laughs about it
– I walk into a bar and a beer is waiting for me
– The barstaff know about their beers
– I get home and I have post
– I get paid
– Things go right
– I see places I’ve been to on the TV
– people ask me out for a drink
– I get comments on my LJ
– Someone asks me a technical question that I can answer but noone else can
– there are Satsumas in the greengrocers
– there are those big oranges with the thick skin in the greengrocers
– I get into a newly changed bed
– theres only 7 days till Christmas (regardless of it being my birthday then)
– I open a carton of cream or yoghurt and I can lick the lid
– a complete stranger says “Good morning/afternoon/evening” when out walking in the countryside
– I hear news of people I went to school with
– I find money
– I find something I’d “put in a good place” only to forget about it
– I open a new jar of honey
– I find theres a really interesting documentry on the Telly that I didn’t know about
– its cold outside and I walk into a nice warm room
– the man in the street prevails over the toff
– I see nature surviving against the odds
– I see a bag in a tree
– I speak to or hear from lostloopy
– I get a mystery text message
– I get a mystery email
– I do really well playing Civilization 3
– I see cheese bubbling under a grill
– said cheese goes crispy or brown