Beyond comprehension

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario:-

*tinkle tinkle of shop door bell*
Fishmonger:-  Hello sir how can I help
Customer:- Yes I would  like some spanners please
Fishmonger:- Yes well you might need next door as this is the fishmongers
Customer:- **hmph** that’s not good enough

Now imagine the following scenario:-

I am sat at the Computer Services desk in the library next to these two signs       You can clearly read these from the library entrance.

stegzy:- Hello sir how can I help
stupid user:- Yes I would like to look at issues of The Journal of the Really Uninteresting held in special collections and Edition four of Everything in Here has Been Discussed by Theologians a Thousand Times Before by Hubert Cumberdale with ice, lemon and one of them fancy umbrellas. Where do I start?
stegzy:- Ok well…first off you would start with my library colleague who should be able to help you
stupid user:-**snort of contempt** You mean you don’t know? **hmmph** fucking waste of time
stegzy yes that’s right. Because I am Computing services which is why I am sat next to these two signs you arrogant fuck.
stupid user:- (to library colleague) Look this isn’t good enough, I need these books right now or my coffee table won’t look impressive
**stegzy leaps over desk and pounds stupid user‘s head into the floor with Whittaker’s Books in Print 2003O-St**