stupid user:- Hello
stegzy – Hello

stupid user:- I am holding a conference. You might have heard of it. It is the Conference for the Incredibly Boring
stegzy – erm….no sorry…must have missed that one
stupid user:- Well you might know it as the Department of Too Much Grant Money.
stegzy – Oh yes…right…
stupid user:- Well as I said…I have organised a conference and I would like some temporary usernames please
stegzy – Right well…if you go to <web address> then you will see a form. You will need to complete that and you can have the usernames from the next working day.
stupid user:- But I need them now. I’ve organised this conference. It is today! I was assured by <name drop> that I could have them
stegzy Indeed but even they are unable to get temporary usernames at this much short notice.
stupid user:- But I’m with the Department of Really Important.
stegzy I’m sorry but I didn’t design the system. The process takes place overnight and the usernames are usually available on the afternoon of the  following working day.
stupid user:- But…but….I have all these people from all round the world at the conference who need access. I don’t have time to fill in forms.
stegzy Well maybe if you didn’t spend so much time wallowing in your own self importance you might have a bit left over to actually fill in a form which would probably only take you 5 precious minutes. You could probably have filled it in while you were having a wank over your fucking guest list and had it to us when you first thought about having your intellectual bukkake session. Isn’t that what organising a conference is all about? Making sure your candidates have the relevant resources available to them? Like pens? Paper? Usernames? Fuck, even I could have organised your fucking wankathon with my eyes closed you self righteous name dropping fuckwit
stupid user:- You are right. I shall go and become a burger flipper straight away. Thankyou for showing me the light.
stegzy It’s that big bright thing hanging from the ceiling.
stupid user:- Thankyou.