Guess what?

The shelves are too high for tiny wives. So kitchen people are back to remove the top cupboards.

This is a boon though because it also means that the plasterer will be able to replaster the wall all nice but the plaster will have to dry for a few days before we can put the cupboards back up, Thursday probably. Just when I thought I had a nice new kitchen…..Theres still loads of tidying to do, but yesterday we managed to put a great deal of stuff back onto the shelves but the house is looking kind of back to what it was. I think I should have it all done by Wednesday.

In other news, the house is now 80% dust free in preparation for our impending visitations. Friday will see a visit from my olds, which will be great cos I haven’t seen them in ages and Saturday, if all is still going to plan, Nick & Sarah will be coming over the Pennines on a visit, I’m really looking forward to seeing them both and using my new kitchen to cook up a feast beyond all imaginations.

I also nearly did something very silly today. I topped my car up with oil but neglected to screw the filler cap back on. Fortunately I’d only driven to the end of the drive when I realised. :-S Close call!

Busy busy….I don’t feel like I’ve had a weekend this weekend *yawn*