I had another bizarre Underground related dream last night.

First of all I was on an island in Wales in this old house. I was looking for a lighthouse lamp room which I thought was adjoining the house. I managed to find a secret door but that just took me into a court yard with patio furniture. I then realised that the lighthouse wasn’t attached to the house after all but was on a different building entirely. So I went to this other building which was like an old municipal council building but modern inside. I got to the top floor and still couldnt find the entrance to the lighthouse tower. Looking out of the window I could see a Dorothy Perkins warehouse and beyond that the lighthouse tower. I was surprised to see the Dorothy Perkins warehouse, especially as the island wasnt all that well connected to the mainland (or so I thought). So I walked behind the warehouse only to find myself in an underground railway station.

There were quite a few people on the platform. I was waiting for the Liverpool train and from my viewpoint I could see the departure board for platform 2. But it did not say Liverpool. The train went and another arrived. This train wasnt for Liverpool either, I then realised I could be at the wrong platform and walked a bit further down the concourse, just in time to see a train pull into Platform 1 and terminate. Something inside told me that should have been the Liverpool train. The platform tannoy started beeping and I realised, to my dismay, that it was in fact my alarm clock and it was time to wake up.

Analysis – I think the lighthouse tower is something I am aspiring for but just when I think I’ve found it, it appears further away from where I am. The underground platform is indicative of me waiting for the way out of something but because of where I am stood (my perspective) I am unable to see when that “way out” presents itself.

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