Stegzy solves the mysteries of the world: Part one spoons

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Where do all the teaspoons go?


Teaspoons (Chariticus Ladleani) are actually a type of rodent. They originate from a remote region of Afghanistan near the border with Turkmenistan and have been successfully bred in captivity since 1723 when they were discovered by European explorer Pierre Louvre and brought to Paris around that time. However it wasnt until a good few years later that an Indian based British tea merchant discovered their true use.

By dipping the rodent into a solution of Silver nitrate and applying an electrical current (approximately 30volts) they would successfully turn into what was known locally as “spoons”. Indeed, the word “spoon” comes from the ancient Hindu word for “stirring implement”. Before spoons were invented there were only ladles. The welsh tried to fashion similar devices out of wood but they tended to rot in dishwashers and were made from non-sustainable wood (hence the demise of the Welsh rain forests) so they didn’t become as wide spread.

As tea gained popularity in Britain, so did the desire to silver coat spoons and other methods were sought. Isambard Kingdom Brunell was the first to try coating the animal in iron. These first iron spoons were not only cruel but tended to rust easily and it wasnt until some time later that Sheffield based engineers tried using stainless steel. The experiments were a success and today we have a wide variety of tea spoon on the market.

Teaspoons go missing because poorer quality and cheaper versions of teaspoon tend to “hatch” the dormant spoon within which then promptly escapes.

Simple when you know how.

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