The Vectra is fixed. Well…its MOT’d. There is still the need for a service. I’m tempted to do it myself (New oil and air filters, new spark plugs etc) but after the bodged job I made of changing the light bulb in the headlamp I’m slightly reluctant. Still it would be cheaper than getting some grease monkey to do it.

This morning I caught the tail end of a news report showing well off parents of Ipswich teenagers worried that their child will be the Ipswich stranglers next victim. The parents were driving their “kids” to and from pubs and nightclubs in an effort to reduce the “risk” that their precious might be the picked up off the street and dumped in a remote part of Suffolk. Well thats just great. To me that says you see your kids as no better than prostitutes to think a prostitute murderer might just be interested in your spoilt over priviledged brat. Besides…it could be one of their dads…what you going to do then? Kick the man of the house out just in case?!

Herd mentality like that really pisses me off. Suddenly everyone is the centre of the fucking earth. “oooh it could be our daughter Xanthi, because she is so perfect why wouldnt a killer want to killer her, she’s definitely the next victim oh yes! I can tell because I watch Cracker and Taggart so I know how murderers think. Besides I’m so important to the world”…Well I got news for you parents of Ipswich….you aren’t the centre of the earth and no matter how many fake tits, botoxed lips and designer clothes you buy your disfigured hag of a daughter she still won’t be beautiful because you rot her from the inside with your over protectiveness and “yes daughter, no daughter” attitude. It is you that will drive your own children to become whores for the banks and corporations. Selling their own arses for loans, credit cards and the system for the latest gadgets and age preventing treatments. Getting them fucked up the arse by the taxman…Before this month most people had forgotten that there was a fucking Ipswich with your gated communities, your Chelsea tractors, commutes into London and membership of the WI….


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