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First off. Big thank yous go to the absolute star fj_warren for her mystery parcel which was waiting for me on my return from work this evening. I shall wait until Christmas before I open it though.

Next on stegzy‘s LJ I’ve got some photos and movies that, for some reason or another, I’ve not got round to posting yet

This is the lovely Mrs Gnomepants perusing a market stall in Greenwich the other weekend. They were selling salt rub. Not for pork crackling you understand but for beauty reasons

Next is the rewarding view from the top of Greenwich Hill (by the observatory). By the time I’d got to the top I was very much out of breath, indicating that I am as fit as Bernard Manning.

This photograph was taken to tell the world that K Judd is, infact, a “nobed”. Unlike the person that wrote it who is a knob head.

Showing my skills as the next Lord Snowdon, I managed to capture this delightfully illuminated tractor which tows the village Father Christmas through the streets of Brierley collecting children to turn into sausages. For further instances see the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Finally on the photo front. This evening my living room was invaded by a Cybus Industries Cyberman. Fortunately I wasn’t deleted


Now here is the kitchen before er…between completion and start.

and here is the kitchen semi-completed (It needs tiling and a cupboard over the MCB)

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