Coppers came and had a “I’d rather be back in the warmth of the station supping tea and eating bacon sandwiches” look around the scene of the crime. Bodie & Doyle they weren’t. More like The Bill on a go slow. They suggested that a miniture crime wave has been affecting Brierley as there are two guys who have this “Go into gaol for burglary – Get out of gaol – Get back into gaol by committing burglary” routine. The coppers suspected them.

An hour later the SOCO guy turned up. CSI Brierley it was not. I was indicating how the scrotes had got in and what they might have touched but he was uninterested. Instead he took a sample of glass (apparently they can match up glass fragments)
dusted a few places for prints and went on his merry way. He didn’t seem hopeful.

So…shopping list:-

2 security camera’s with night vision
Baseball bat
Ski Mask
The Art of Torture by Marquis de Sade

In other news, I ache all over. I fear I have Yorkshire disease. Hot bath and fluffy pyjamas for me when I get home methinks…

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