Wet Leather

I just watched a ladder appear into view on the Gate Cam, some bloke climb up it and then look all suspicious. (You can see him in the gallery)

I then realised it was just the window cleaner.


Drama session was ok. It was mainly sorting out what the kids wanted to do. One of the girls got into a strop about something and kept letting out sighs. Nobody paid the slightest attention to her so the sighs got audibly louder until I asked her if she was having a problem breathing. After which the sighs ceased.

Returned home and got a pizza in. Of all the pizza delivery places in the area they were the quickest but their pizza was a bit shite. The kebabs from there are good though.

The pizza didn’t have any potato on it.

I have been potato free for nearly 26 days now. I feel wholesome but I haven’t lost any weight. I put that down to pizzas and the yummy Chicken Caesar wraps they sell in the college canteen.

We’ve got some proper CCTV cameras now. Going to put them up this weekend 😀

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