So this weekend was abound with gardening.

A man came on Sunday to lay the kitchen floor tiles and I had to saw about 1cm off the bottom of the kitchen door. I’m not the most confident of DIYers so I only bodged it a teeny bit. But if you squint you can’t see the bodge.

At the same time we noticed that the loft tank overflow was…overflowing…so I had to brave the dark and dusty environs of Hell the attic. The original owners of the house had the loft hatch moved into the bathroom which was a pointless exercise as you have to crawl through the eaves to get anywhere useful. Anyway, you can see my journey on my Youtube Channel (its called Black Hole)

When I eventually got up there I could see the last 2 tanks and the vast room in which the tank lives. Discussion on my return turned to loft conversion possibilities and where the staircase could be sited.If ever I find £20k down the side of the couch I’d be sorely tempted to forego the round the world cruise and splash out on a 3rd bedroom.

I fixed the leak and, with the help of GTHD refitted the door. I also had egg on my face, not from eating messy, but because the security light that doesn’t work, didn’t work because I hadn’t put the bulb in right. Hopefully Electric Dominic won’t charge us for that one. Anyway, because of our busy day we didn’t get a chance to go to Worsborough Venison farm. 😦

Managed to get 20 uninterrupted minutes of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 before it was time for Waking the Dead and then bed! Sunday nights are so depressing.

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