My appointment for the neurology tests finally came through on Saturday. Not bad considering I put in for them in June of last year. Granted an appointment came through for the Neurological Centre in Liverpool in August but it was a week too late and I’d moved to Yorkshire. When I went to see Dr Selim he seemed to dismiss my request to be referred to a neurologist on request of my cardiologist and I’d almost got to a point where I was going to write to him and say “Oi you…do as I ask!” when the appointment came through.

I’ve been having really bad pins and needles in my arms when I wake in the morning. This has been going on for nearly 2 years now and it is seemingly getting worse. The cardiologist said it wasn’t circulatory or owt and that it was more than likely neurological. Hence the appointment.

So I’m going to have needles put in my muscles and they’ll see if my motor neurones work as they should. I think they will. I feel fine like I said. Just hate having dead, non-functioning arms every morning. Have you tried turning off your alarm clock when your hands wont function? It’s well weird.

That’s on the 15th.

Mum & Dad are coming on the 8th. I’m quite excited. They gave us strict instructions not to take time off work so we didn’t. We plan to take them to the New Wheatsheaf on Friday and we also have some little jobs to keep them occupied most of their stay (The doors need new locks, the tank in the loft needs it’s ball cock float valve adjusting (Float valve?! What was wrong with ball cock?!), the kitchen could do with a new slidey door and we could do with the washing machine plumbing in please ta thanks). We’re going to gauge what weekend they next intend to go away so that the wife and I can sneak off to Liverpool and have a few nights out without having to worry about being back too late. I really need to catch up with some people like Nick & Sarah, Jim & Becky and some people from CSD.

Also planned is two days off during half term. The wife and I got hardly any gardening done at the weekend, nor is the weekend long enough for us to do what we need to do AND find a new bathroom suite, so we intend to take 2 days off during the week to get things sorted in both the house and the garden.

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