I have a sore thumb

I watched my mum and dad arrive yesterday on the Gate Cam (offline at the moment). It was lovely to see them on my return home. My mum was a bit upset that the house was spotless and she couldnt do any cleaning as such though she did have a go (my mum loves tidying and cleaning. She’ll moan about untidiness and uncleanliness but if everything is spotless she’ll figet and moan that she can’t do any tidying).

Dad was the same. I hadn’t left him a list of jobs for him to be getting on with (I thought the last thing he would want to do after an 80 mile drive is DIY). So after dinner last night (beef stew with roasted yam) I took him to B&Q for to get some stuff to keep him busy today.

We got:-

An interior door for the kitchen
A self closing spring for the front gate
A lock for the garage side door
Some chisels
Some paint
A ball race sliding door mechanism for the kitchen side door.

That lot should keep him occupied.

Tonight the wife and I are taking them to the NEW Wheatsheaf. The wife and I have been going there nearly every year for almost ten years now. The wife’s granddad, Stan, used to pay for us to go there for his birthday dinner and we kept up the tradition after his death. My mum and dad have been saying they fancied going there since we first told them about the place. So ten years later..we’re off there tonight.

I don’t know what to have off the menu. The mixed grill makes the Three Horseshoes Mixed Grill look like a midday snack. (Nick mate, you would love it!). I might have the carvery tonight (sans potato) but the Chicken Rochelle (or whatever it is called) sounds nice too.

What would you have?

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