So out of curiousity, on Wednesday night I downloaded World of Warcraft just to have a look at what all the fuss was about. I set myself up with a 10 day trial and I started playing on Saturday afternoon (right through to nearly 4am Sunday morning). It seemed ok. I then recalled that there were other similar games such as City of Heroes/Villans, Guildwars and one or two others. Not wanting to pay like £80 a year for the privilege of having nice pixels and smooth loading I invested in a copy of Guildwars:Factions as it was going cheap and it promised gameplay “without online fees”. I then spent most of Sunday afternoon waiting for the fucking thing to load.

So there you have it see. My need for something different (Rollercoaster Tycoon, Railroads and UFO:Aftermath had all lost their shine) has brought me tenuously into the 21st century and MMPORGS. Now I’m wanting David Braben to get his arse into gear and do the much awaited Elite IV as an MMPORG. How cool would that be?! (I played that other one…Eve or whatever but that was too dull. Freelancer only has so much gameplay really)

Puzzle Pirates was great fun but has become too cliquey. Besides which my crew have all vanished off the face of the earth. Then there’s Second Life. Second Life is fine and dandy if you just want to mingle or bag off. To me Second Life is like a pretty but giant chat room with bells and whistles. However I like a running theme and a challenge; Second Life isnt really a game in my eyes, like I said…a chat room and as there are only 6 people on there that I know of and they only tend to go on at daft o’clock at night. Besides which I get constant “Who’s that you’re talking to?” questions from Mrs Gnomepants or get called away from the keyboard midconversation to get too involved. So I just wanted something different, constantly evolving with a bit of user interactivity.

I’ve just got to weigh up which I prefer. £9 a month for smooth graphics and large player base. Or nothing for loads to read, nice graphics and long scene load times…..The sensible side of me says neither.

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