So I read this and think to myself, if I was that guy I would have circulated the picture to all my pals and got them to post it on their blogs, Usenet and absolutely everywhere. Then said to Universal City Studios “Kiss my hairy bum (with tongues)”.

Likewise, I read a few months back about some woman that pinched the Coca-Cola recipe (cockroach skins, liquorice and Mindcontrol drug #27w232) and tried to blackmail them into her not selling it! Fuck that! I’d have so posted it here there and everywhere and I’d have encouraged everyone to do the same. Secrets breed lies. Lies breed distrust.

I know some secrets should never be told like you there with your sausage fetish (see I never told them who you are) and you there with that man in the box in your cellar…tut tut tut because if they became public people might lose their job or something. Likewise again, the secret of eternal pizza should be kept quiet because too much pizza is bad for you no matter how much pepperoni you pile on it.

So I ask you