Bags of cats

Well the cat is out of the bag (mainly because it was cruel to keep it in there) and the secrets are in. The following secrets need to be shared.


I adore Mr. Gnomepants despite his love of Ken Russell. – Good news. Ken Russell’s only good film was Lair of the White Worm but only because Amanda Thingie walks round in the buff for most of it. I can’t stand him really.

vegetables make you fart – they do! I’ve got terrible wind at the moment. All that cabbage I had last night.

I like Paris Hilton’s music – You should be ashamed

George Bush and Tony Blair are secretly Gay Lovers. – This is not a secret. They have been bummers for some time now. But which one is the top or are they both switch?

I’m scared of worms – Me too…the electronic kind.

I like Barry Manilow – Seek medical attention before it gets too late

I have a pile of dead possums in my closet – Your room must stink

when I die, I want to come back as a chocolate cheesecake – I will eat you.

I sometimes wonder if I should be married – If you think you should then go for it.

I dont know! 😦 – I don’t either