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Ok. I know its not the most interesting of subjects but the lack of information on the candidates in Brierley is shocking. Maybe it’s just me. Politics isn’t the most exciting of subjects and indeed, nobody really cares about things that go on outside of their own private bubble. But remember while we are safe and warm in our little bubbles, nasty evil minded people with their own agendas are taking advantage of disinterest for their own personal gains. They don’t care if your street has a litter bin, they only care about personal gain. Such is politics the world over.

But maybe I’m going about this in the wrong way. After all the internet has only been in widespread usage for at least 10 years. It is foolish of me to even consider that something of democratic and public importance would be published in an easily accessible fashion. Why, it only took me the best part of a week to locate the minutes of Area Forum Meetings post 2005.

WHO ARE BRIERLEY TOWN COUNCIL? What do they do?! I can find nothing about them other than the occasional mention in the area forum minutes. I’m going to try one more path in my search. I have the email address for the secretary of Brierley Town Council which I managed to poach from the Barnsley Council Website (If ever you want to hide some secret data, just ask Barnsley Council if they can publish it for you. Nobody will ever find it on their website). With this newly discovered treasure I shall email to enquire what it is they actually do. I will also suggest that a representative of an electoral candidate makes an appointment with me to discuss what it is they are going to do for the community and the parish in their term of office should I elect them.

Is that an unreasonable request?

Do I not have a democratic right to know something about who it is I am voting for, their political ideals and their opinions?

The plus side of this foraging is that I actually have the addresses of all the candidates. Ok they may not have a web presence according to Mr Google, but they must have physical presence. If they don’t come to me….Maybe I should go to them. Of course I am unable to contact them to make an appointment so I think, over the next week, I shall endeavour to go to their registered addresses and request an audience. Is that unreasonable? Am I just over reacting as usual? Will you come with me and hold my hand in case I get scared?

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