Driving to work this morning I was sat in a queue of traffic, as usual, on that bit of Ackworth/Mill Hill Road that goes past the death camp hospital and brings you out by that Chinese Restaurant (Fried roach in batter is their speciality). Traffic is always bad there. It takes me about 10 minutes to travel the 8 miles there then 20 minutes to travel the 1 mile from there to work. Not that I mind usually because it means I get to listen to the radio a little bit longer or to my MP3 player. (Today it was the turn of the MP3 player, more of that later)

This is the stretch of road I mean.

I travel up from the bottom of the map to the top of the map following the red line. This is the main route into Pontefract from the South and traffic travelling up from Ackworth and Hemsworth. However every morning, without fail, cars head off up the various side roads and disappear into the warren of suburbia. At first I thought they might be people returning from night shifts or people cutting through to Wakefield Road (just off the map) which is fair enough. However I soon realised that the majority of cars scooting off joined Ackworth/Mill Hill Road from Mill Hill Lane (as in following the BLUE line)

This then causes all the traffic to back up as courteous drivers (and believe me there is courteous and there is irritatingly courteous drivers and people round here) let these rat runners jump the queue of traffic and join up with the main flow again. They are so fucking irritating when they do that. I stick to the main roads to reduce traffic in built up and residential areas and there are these fuckers sneaking through all manner of side roads, jumping the queue, pushing out at a give way (it’s actually a STOP sign there not a give way. STOP means….well..”STOP!” Not that these fuckers care like) by edging the front of their car over the line and causing people to break suddenly. Of course what also doesn’t help is there is a pedestrian crossing at that junction too (the pavement runs out on one side). I’ve seen drivers let out passengers to go and press the button on the crossing so that cars have to stop and allow them to pull out onto Mill Hill Road then once out onto the main road the passengers get back in the fucking petrol guzzling selfish mobiles.

Oooh it really makes me mad it does (I’m gritting my teeth really hard as I type).

Anyways, there I am sat in the car, in a queue of traffic singing along to Since Yesterday by Strawberry Switchblade when I notice in my rear view mirror the woman in the car behind me has some how noticed me tapping along and singing. Of course she’s laughing at me. So I got out of the car and pulled her hair. Thing was although, for a fraction of a second, I was embarrassed. Tt didn’t bother me.

So I picked my nose just to make her happy.

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