Ok. I haven’t lost my marbles. This is something I like to believe.

The Celestine Prophecy and, I think, North American Indians and a few other nomadic tribes people around the world, suggest that when you see or interact with a wild animal it is a message from the spirit world to you. With me so far?

So for example if you see a fox cross your path or come up to you then, depending on your interpretation of the animal and situation, you will need to use your cunning or use some other fox like characteristic.

Likewise, if you saw a wild owl land close by to you or look at you directly then it would be the spirit world telling you to use wisdom. You get my meaning?

Anyway, last night we had a visit. Not from a furry critter but from a scaly little toad. Apparently he was trying to get in through the back door and when the door was opened (by me to see what Mrs Gnomepants was wibbling on about). As I opened the door the little toad came into the kitchen to have a look round. Had I been able to take a photo for you I would have but my camera phone was in a different part of the house. The toad then turned and went to sit on the top step of the kitchen doorway. So we carefully closed the door and went to get our wheelie bin from the end of the-lane-that-nobody-should-block. On our return, our new friend was still sat on the step looking at us. We went inside and when we came out this morning he had gone.

So of course, I got thinking that this was a message. I’m trying to think what a toad would symbolise, like what characteristics do toads have? But for the life of me apart from being warty and bog eyed I cannot think of any characteristics. Maybe you can help?

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