A poem about the boss

Ode to Dingleberry

You come in here
My heart it sinks
When ever you’re near
My job just stinks

You tell me I do things
Not quite right
When I’ve done them before
Without all your shite

To think you earn
Much more than me
Its hard to believe
Your degree was free*

And yet there’s things
I will confess
I do not know
But you profess

But things go wrong
When you’re in work
Despite your skills
You’re an utter berk

Your obsessive ways
Cause motivation
To go out of the window
and take a vacation

When I have left
I’ll will be glad
To never have to work with your sorry racist, misogynistic, homophobic, bigoted face and its obsessive compulsions
Ever again.


* – He got it free with Cornflakes