The Gnomepants Seniors are present in Brierley this week. It’s always good to see my mum and dad. Dad likes to busy himself during the day doing odd jobs I feel are beyond my DIY capability while my mum likes to clean and spruce the house up.

Yesterday, with the help of Dad, I managed to finally replace the rotten wood on the garage which I’d struggled to do two months previous. It looks bloody good now. All that is missing is a small decorative diamond piece which is currently awaiting painting. Today he is shelving the cupboard at the top of the stairs, aka The Void (so called because it seems like you can cram more and more stuff in there and still have space for more stuff). This should help us store the millions of books, DVDs, VHS Cassettes and things the wife and I have accumulated over the years and goodness me, there is a lot of stuff.

As a treat, I walked the old folks up to the Burnt Wood Court Hotel for a pint in the Owl Bar. There was once a time when you could go into a pub and be spoiled for choice at the variety of beers, ales and drinks available. However, as is becoming more and more typical in some British pubs, the Owl had the typical Brass T selection of John Smiths Smooth, Fosters, Stella and Guinness. It was, as expected, surprisingly empty, but there were menus on the tables for us to muse over. The bar food there looks quite good but I suspect they are all typically microwaved meals to match the bland flavourless beers they sell.

Eventually the discussion turned to and fish and chips. Sadly our local chippy, Shafton Two Gates, changed hands earlier this year and the quality of fish and chips there has suffered. I suspect this is down to the use of vegetable oil rather than beef fat. The batter tends to be a bit naff and the chips are hard and not nice. So as a treat, tomorrow we are taking a journey to the Wetherby Whaler in Wakefield. Having been living the “I’ve got no money” life in preparation for the next three years this will most certainly be a treat and possibly one of the last meals out until I get a job.

Just over 5 working days to go until I leave work.


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