4 More days

I have 4 days more of this, then I get time off for good behaviour.

Except I don’t. I still need to find a part time job. Careful examination of my CV revealed that the majority of shop and bar work experience I have, have been omitted because it happened so long ago. The church club was still there (a fine example of customer service skills) but the off licence (now closed) and my time at Halfords had been trimmed because of space issues (I like my CV to fit on two pages). So I reedited the CV (résumé) on Sunday and now only time will tell.

Lately I have been feeling exhausted at about 8pm. Last night I struggled to stay awake through Silent Witness (sort of an updated British version of Quincy) and soon as it had finished I went to bed. In bed I dreamt of steps. Not the 90’s pop combo but steps as in stairs (not the early 90’s Scouse indie band). I was being pursued by a female constable (part of a Nazi second hand television sales global conspiracy) down and down and down. I tried to lose her in the dark but these Nazi second hand television sales people are a wily lot and so she got me. I suspect the steps symbolise a impending descent into uncertainty and I would hazard a guess at Mrs Gnomepants being the Nazi second-hand television sales constable. Though I might be wrong.

I woke with a song going through my head. Not wanting to keep this tune to myself I shall share it with you too.

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