A year in Barnsley

So I’ve been living in Barnsley for over 13 months now. How does it make me feel? How am I finding it?

Well I’m used to the lack of local chums and I’m prepared that should my stint in University Centre Barnsley not provide chummy fruits then at least I’ll come through the other side with some new chums. This pleases me.

I find Barnsley by coming off the M62 at Junction 32 and then heading down the A628. Its rural here (for now) so that pleases me also. Walking out of my house to see horses, cow, toads and squirrels is still something to behold. And I’m used to the pace of life. Ok so people don’t seem to move about as fast in shops and frequently people lumber about in a daze but I can live with that. Its no worse than Liverpool really.

The lack of restaurants is my biggest bug bear though. So far I’ve found 3 relatively passible eateries and one of them is in Wakefield so really that doesn’t count but thats fine also. I doubt I’ll be dining out much in the next three years anyway.

The lack of recycling facilities also erks. This is also fine as driving to Ackworth to do my plastic recycling once a month does not leave too much of a carbon crater.

The lack of things for kids to do annoys me. There is still a lot of poverty in this area and gangs of kids loitering at bus stops, on park benches and in telephone boxes is part of the course. I suspect that short of busing them off to work in Workhouses there is little that will change here. Shame really, theres a lot of good kids out there, victims of their own parents failings and lack of funding.

Crime: well theres a lot of it about. As long term readers will know I’ve had my share of it in the time I’ve been here. Remember, when I was in Liverpool for 32 years the nearest to major criminal activity was when the house behind Gnomepants Cottage was busted for drugs and then I move here and get both cars broken into, the garage and vandalism of an unbelievable scale. **Sigh** I’ve also witnessed drug deals taking place openly on the street. I know who the big drug dealer is now (or at least I know what he looks like) and short of letting him have a nasty “accident” I doubt anything will be done about him. Still, if I know who he is then the police probably know too.

Local politics: Yeah well…enough said about that. Alex Vodden best watch out next election. Theres a new boy in town.

Neighbours: despite their curious foibles they’re not a bad bunch. Nosey at times but in a nice unobtrusive way. I guess its just I didn’t experience “community” this way in Liverpool. Its nice.

Local Pub: I’ve not been for ages. Beer costs too much and its nasty brass T shite like John Smiths Extra Smooth. I miss it though. I miss being able to sit down with a pint after work on a Friday and read the papers.

Work: Sucks. Still. But not for long.

So in all. A successful transition so far. I don’t miss Liverpool too much. There was a time. But that has passed. I feel pride starting to prickle when I hear the word Yorkshire. So I suppose that’s a start.

Author: stegzy

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