I have several cook books from the 1970’s. Their garish photographs are usually enough to put any prospective cook off food for life. Was all food in the 70’s plastic coated and brightly coloured? I think Fanny Craddock’s influence did more damage to home cooking than Anthony Worral-Thompson. However I had a craving for sweet and doughy goodness. So—–


8oz Plain Flour
1tsp salt
1tblsp sugar
a knob of butter
15g of yeast
60ml tepid milk
1 egg (beaten)
Thick jam
Fat for deep frying


1. Rub flour salt sugar cinnamon and butter together.
2. Add yeast to milk. Stir well
3. Bind flour mix with yeasty milk and beaten egg
4. Beat into a smooth dough
5. Place dough in bowl, cover with cling film, allow to rise to double it’s size
6. Knead the dough well
7. Divide into 8 balls.
8. Either roll each ball into a sausage then make a loop to make ringed doughnuts or make an indentation with your thumb (if you have one) and fill indent with jam then pinch dough over indent to seal jam in.
9. Heat oil to approximately 180°C or so that a piece of bread turns brown within a minute.
10. Deep fry doughnuts until golden brown. I recommend doing them one at a time.
11. Roll doughnut in sugar and cinnamon.
12. Eat.
13. Feel ill after eating all 8 in one sitting
14. Get fat.
15. Rinse and repeat

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