Local politics: Barrett Development Church Street, Brierley

It seems that there are two sets of rules in this country. One for the plebs and one for those who run multinational companies.

Barrett, a housing construction company, it seems, have the privilege to ignore the rules and start building before planning consent is given. Case in point; The land behind the workshops across the road from my house. Earlier this week we received a planning notification about a “proposed” development in Brierley. On further investigation and much planning officer chasing we discovered that 2007/1691 and 2007/1688 have already commenced construction (the plans and things are at the bottom of the page if you’re interested (you can even spot next door’s house).

Others have complained it seems and Brierley is once again a hot bed of political and local news activity. Dearne FM (local independent radio) have sent round reporters, the Barnsley Chronical has thought about a couple of lines on page 32 (under the bit about the dog up a tree) and look! Here on the internet!! I am talking about the injustice of it all! The small sleepy South Yorkshire village is fast becoming (as predicted) a thriving and over populated housing estate. Fuck! Even in Grimethorpe every single piece of land is being crammed with slum dwellings.

So in protest we are going to write letters. Letters of objection and complaint.

Author: stegzy

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