Lights! Camera! Faction!

Yesterday we played with TV cameras. Well…posh video cameras. It was fun.

It is all part of our formative assessment for the TV module. I’m wavering about TV as a career though. I mean I’d only really feel good about being on the BBC. ITV just doesn’t have the reputation these days. Tut! Listen to me…a cultural snob. Hmmm….Radio though sounds like fun. In the second year I get to choose either radio and writing or TV and writing. At first I was a bit “Awww but I wanna do both” but the more I think about it TV is too much like hard work. There’s all camera work and faffing about with lighting levels, storyboarding and stuff. Radio doesn’t have that, thats more sound levels and the like. Besides which I’ve always fancied myself doing the Food Programme on Radio 4.

Anyway, like I said, yesterday we got to play with the cameras. Joey, Andy, Craig and myself set about filming two halves of a telephone conversation. Because I’d used a camera before I was selected to be an actor. Andy had written a rather bizarre script about two men discussing a barbecue and an S&M party of all things. It was a bit weird for me as a “classically trained” thespian1 having to read only my lines and not have someone to say theirs in response. Still I think I pulled it off even if I fluctuated between a thick scouse drawl and a thub2 of South Yorkshire during the dialogue.

I was half expecting me to wince at my performance on TV when actually I thought to myself “Who is that good looking bloke on TV? He’s a bloody good actor”. It pleased me and I think it may have gone to my head a bit. Still….TV isn’t for me I don’t think. At least with Radio what you look like is left up to the imagination of those listening.

I think, with permission from Andy (my co-star), I might put the finished piece on Youtube. After it’s been edited and stuck together like.

1 this is complete bollocks. The nearest I’ve got to classical drama was auditioning for a part in Midsummer Night Dream at Sheffield Hallam Uni back in 1992. I hammed I did the “Is this a dagger”bit from Macbeth in my finest Laurence Olivier. I got the part of Tom Snout I think.
2 A word of my own invention

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