Take Away

This year I thought I’d catalogue my take away habits. I like my take aways. I do try, however, not to eat take away more than twice a month. I say twice, I’ll quite happily have one but I never know when I might find myself homeward bound from the pub or late home from something hungry and in need of some fatty fat fat. Anyway, despite vowing to only eat free range chicken after Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s TV series last week

tonight I went here –

It has been open for about 9 months now so I thought I’d best give it a try. UFC is situated in the “difficult to find parking” end of Cudworth (pronounced Cud-uth) so usually I just go whizzing past on my way to Lakies. Tonight I went to UFC. The guy behind the counter (Turkish I think) seemed pleasant enough and was keen for me to try some of his chicken in his newly invented marinade (made with pomegranate juice).

I ordered the 3 piece with chips. While not as pleasant as KFC, UFC does have a unique flavour. The chips were just right (I find KFC chips go soggy too quick) and there was just the right amount of meat on the pieces. In all I’ll give it a 7/10.