Of Food and things

Apart from a bacon barm (roll/bap/breadcake/teacake/weird American name for small round bread) for my lunch today, I’ve been pleased with my intake of food of late. My Christmas fat has long since been pooed away and once more my jeans are falling down to my crotch.

Film wise, well today we added the sound. I’m sick to death of it now. I just want it out of the way. I think 80% of the stress from making this film is because we have been trying to be too clever and arty farty. Still it’s a stonkingly good film and the few mistakes we can see I doubt 90% of the population would notice.

Today we had radio and we received our next assignment. This term we each have to cobble together a radio commercial for a product. The class all thought up products to sell then they were put into a hat and drawn out at random. I drew the short straw and ended up with Petz for the Nintendo. Wtf?

Tomorrow I’m in work in the afternoon. The forecast for the weekend promises a 20% probability of beer in the pub with a slight chance of Sunday dinner near Retford.

I could murder a cheese burger.