Edgar Allen POEM

Emily Pankhurst can eat my shorts
A poem by Stegzy Gnomepants aged 34 1/2

I tidy up
I miss a bit
I paint the room
Looks like a dogs tit
I cook your dinner
You want to get thinner
I am the sinner
You are the winner
I vacuum the floor
There’s still dirt
Sweep and scrub
Until my arms hurt
I do things for us
That don’t earn a penny
But the things I do wrong
There are so many
Fill the dish washer
I miss a glass
Do the laundry
Your jeans still have grass
Stains and odours
Banished forever
Look I’ve done it
Aren’t I clever?
No I’m not
I’ve done it wrong
As youve told me
All a long
And so it goes on
Forever and a day
Unless I do it
Exactly your way
But even then
In the cold of night
I must admit
I can’t do anything right