Good food

So yesterday I took a trip with Rlindz and the wife to Birmingham to visit the BBC Good Food Show at the National Exhibition Centre.

Bloody good it was too. Loads of food to see, beers to try and local produce to sample. Added to that gardens to peruse, posh garden kitchens (kitchens – for your garden) to see, playhouses to spoil over privileged children with and celebrity chefs it made out to be a fantastic day. Even if my legs did ache from all the walking.

The bonus ball was that we had got tickets to watch the Hairy Bikers cook up a storm with the added bonus of seeing James Martin(!!!!!!) make a sugar strand “crash helmet”. The warm up compère pointed me out “hilariously” as a “Hairy biker in Training” (the twat) but I was expecting something like that.

I tried some of the hottest chutneys I’ve ever tasted, some delicious drinks and I paid £3.50 for a bacon sandwich (they saw me coming). But we also bumped into Emma-formerly-Emma-in-Brighton and her partner which was jolly damn nice too.

Probably the best part of the day was getting home to discover that the programme we had been given for free (and as many copies as we needed) had a little price in the corner of £10. Believe me, if I’d paid £10 for one of those programmes I’d have been seriously pissed off. How is it that places feel that they can charge a premium for programmes when they contain bugger all?

I’d wax lyrical about the whole event but sadly I am uninspired and I have a headache today. Never the less, I’m bloody sure jimrock would have loved it and I know that a few other readers would have enjoyed it too.

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