Geocaching 2010

So this weekend saw the start of the Geocaching season for me. Ok, technically it was a few weeks ago when I went mooching round Wooley Edge and bagged two caches while trying out new software. Zoe and I decided to start out with some easy ones to get us back into the swing of things.

The first trip took us to a disused railway bridge out at Hunningham near Leamington Spa. As I say, it’s been a while but it’s the little things like spotting good places to park, working out that the direct path is not always the best and if at first you can’t find the cache – look in the most obvious place.

So on getting there it became apparent that there was no easy way to get up to where I needed to be. Short of taking a good 4 mile walk to get to the cache the only other option was to scramble through undergrowth and up some rubble.

Further adventures were had trying to navigate a field of potatoes. We could either take the direct path across the crops or round the edge of the field adding about 30 minutes onto the trip. The crops were safe as we opted for the indirect approach which, fortunately, took in another cache on the way.

The glorious sunshine which graced the midlands today meant that rather than the usual slobbing out on the couch, Zoe and I would do some more geocaching. Today’s trip reminded me of why I really enjoy the hobby.

The UK is a beautiful picturesque land. There’s so much to see but often we ignore places because, on maps, there doesn’t seem to be anything there.

However Geocaching takes you to some of the most interesting places that you wouldn’t ordinarily visit.  So today’s trip took us to the lovely sleepy village of Weston Under Wetherley.

I mean look at it. It’s just gorgeous. Makes you feel British. I can just imagine poncing about the place in my blazer with service medals and being called Major or something. So this has reignited the desire to mooch about the countryside looking for bits of concealed tupperware while armed only with my HTC HD2.

Anyway, the glorious weather seems to have awoken other cachers as the travel bug – the Stegzy Gnomepants’ Badger’s Coastal Tour Travel Bug has also been on the move. So it seems the season has begun, work permitting, I intend to do many more caches this year. Maybe actually getting to places outside of the West Midlands and Yorkshire. 

And yet I still find myself wishing there was something like this when I was younger….


Took myself away this weekend as respite from the awful exam.

While away I resisted the urge for Chineefoo and yummies but not for geocaching. Found a few caches, saw the Rollright stones which are obviously a former kraal for cattle, bits of which have been moved about by some ancient errant farmer in days past. None of that floaty vagina bollocks here I’m sorry. Yeah I get stone henge and I get other ancient monuments but sorry, to me I just don’t get the same vibe with the Rollrights. Call me cynical, call me misguided, but to me they are nothing more than the remains of a former cattle haven. Or maybe a barrow that never got finished. We’ll never know.

Fortune for choosing the right weekend to go away did not become apparent until this afternoon. After a day in the rain walking round shops trying to convince the owners that the Civic was open, I took myself into Uni with the intent to do some CV writing and job searching. Alas this was not to be. I was greeted by an awful stench and three whopping great industrial vacuum cleaners, of the type that suck up water.

It transpires that on Friday the skeleton staff were shocked to notice that little pools of water were forming in the carpet. As they were flapping and wondering what to do the pools became ponds and the ponds became a giant lake.


Shiney Carpet!



Wet books!




Wet wet wet

Glad I was off. It would have been a very soggy Friday.

Car goes in for an MOT tomorrow. I have no money. I need a job. No change there. Or, for that matter, down the side of the couch.


stegzy – I think this Tshirt has shrunk in the wash
Wife – I don’t. I think its because you have grown a belly
stegzyRemembering the previous weeks of takeaways Hmmm you may have a point.

I have become rotund. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. I’ve put on a bit of weight over the past month. I put this down to my propensity for salt and pepper spare ribs and to the fact I’m frequently not arsed to cook lately. I love cooking but lately I just can’t be arsed. Recent trips to the shops, mostly the supermarket (yeah yeah I know) as I am being too lazy to trawl the market, have been uninspiring. This week, with finances looking like a steaming pile of plop, my meals have mostly consisted of what lucybutler and aladdin_saneUncle Monty might call “Caravan Food”. Last night I had left over salad (salad made with the brown slightly on the turn salad vegetables in the fridge), the night before I had cold roasted sausage and frozen left over home made curry. These culinary morsels have been complimented with apples and the occasional morish orange. So my diet is a bit cack. I’m wondering if the belly is actually the first sign of malnutrition. Probably not though.

I’ve been thinking about the weekend and what activity I might get involved in. Money is tight (I really could do with a job) so voyages to the bottom of the county are not an option. Trips to the local surroundings are. Saturday is RMerry’s birthday. She is having a party at Elsecar heritage centre. Yes that’s right. Elsecar heritage centre. Which has a minor selection of heritage activities to participate in. Unless you count a giant kiddies fun factory type thing as heritage. So I might take the opportunity to sneak off and do a bit of geocaching.

Good food

So yesterday I took a trip with Rlindz and the wife to Birmingham to visit the BBC Good Food Show at the National Exhibition Centre.

Bloody good it was too. Loads of food to see, beers to try and local produce to sample. Added to that gardens to peruse, posh garden kitchens (kitchens – for your garden) to see, playhouses to spoil over privileged children with and celebrity chefs it made out to be a fantastic day. Even if my legs did ache from all the walking.

The bonus ball was that we had got tickets to watch the Hairy Bikers cook up a storm with the added bonus of seeing James Martin(!!!!!!) make a sugar strand “crash helmet”. The warm up compère pointed me out “hilariously” as a “Hairy biker in Training” (the twat) but I was expecting something like that.

I tried some of the hottest chutneys I’ve ever tasted, some delicious drinks and I paid £3.50 for a bacon sandwich (they saw me coming). But we also bumped into Emma-formerly-Emma-in-Brighton and her partner which was jolly damn nice too.

Probably the best part of the day was getting home to discover that the programme we had been given for free (and as many copies as we needed) had a little price in the corner of £10. Believe me, if I’d paid £10 for one of those programmes I’d have been seriously pissed off. How is it that places feel that they can charge a premium for programmes when they contain bugger all?

I’d wax lyrical about the whole event but sadly I am uninspired and I have a headache today. Never the less, I’m bloody sure jimrock would have loved it and I know that a few other readers would have enjoyed it too.


Didn’t I have a lovely time the day I went to Brighton? Ho yes! It was lovely to see zoefruitcake who whisked me off to all sorts of amazing places. On Saturday I watched her abseil down the Baker tower of Arundel Castle. All 180 ft of the fucker. She’s a braver girl than me.
Got to have a look round the farmers market in Arundel and had a look round Chichester too. All that walking wore me out. Even so I also got to look round Selsey Bill, which was very nice and picturesque. Then a whistle stop tour of Bosham before lunch at a haunted inn called the Royal Oak in Langstone.

An exhausting weekend but fun none the less. In fact I was a bit sad at going home this morning because I’d had such a fantastic weekend but my sadness was soon washed away when I realised I’d booked a FIRST CLASS ticket back 😀 Free tea! Free Newspaper, bags of leg space and comfort all the way home! 😀


Here lies some video footage and some pictures


The story so far.

Saturday morning was spent doing the little jobs I don’t feel confident doing on my own with my dad. This included:-

  • Screwing the loose floorboard down (It started to split when I attempted it myself)
  • Affixing door furniture onto the back door

After lunch we headed over to Cawthorne. Cawthorne is a quiet little village on the outskirts of Barnsley. Its a posh place. You can tell this by the art gallery shop, the spotlessly clean gastropub and the antique shop. Mrs Gnomepants had wanted to look around the antique shop for somebody elses unwanted tat. The search went well and we obtained a bargain mahogany blanket box for £20. Not going to turn my nose up at something like that.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent walking round Cannon Hall then heading off to the , Wetherby Whaler for tea before parting company with the olds and returning home to watch some DVDs

Sunday has been active. I drove back to Cawthorne to get the blanket box then I updated my CV to show my shop and bar work experiences. This afternoon, the wife and I have been feverishly putting our DVD/VHS collection into the Void. The VHS collection has been whittled down that little bit further too. I’ve tried to just keep those films hard to come by on DVD these days. I may have to wait for the images to appear on Usenet now rather than rent n rip or buy the films.


I’ve been tinkering with Muckybadgers. CMS is such a drag! Still after about a week of picking and poking I’ve kind of got it sussed now I think.

This weekend promises to be quite an active one. Nostell Priory has a steam rally this weekend so I might don my harris tweed cloth cap and take the whippet along to have a gawp at some of the beasts of steam that will be there. Providing I can forage for the £12 entry fee down the back of the couch that is.

Saturday will also see a Farmers Market in Ossett which is just outside Wakefield on the other side of the M1. The wife, her sister, Meredith and I will no doubt be going along to sample the delights of Yorkshire’s finest local foods.

Sunday, we are heading down the A1 to Retford or most specifically, Blyth. There to reunite with Emma (formerly Emma-in-Brighton), Sarah (formerly Sarah-in-Brighton) and Philip (formerly Philip-in-Brighton) who are the Wife’s old university house mates.

Monday and Tuesday are as yet unoccupied….wooo 4 days off work!

Frank Bough

Yes. Well a busy time last week. I only managed to get my WOW character to level 37, buy 6 pieces of custom cut wood, paint 6 pieces of custom cut wood, fix a sliding door, help bring in a new cast iron fireplace, photograph the local area, guide potential plumbers around the house showing them jobs that need to be done, visit my brother and his family camping in Tuxford, visit the wife’s old university pal Philip (formerly Philip-in-Brighton) and his new family, feed other peoples cats, dig a border, go on the piss all day with aladdin_sane and watch some crap TV. Some times there just isn’t enough time to do everything really is there?

Plans however for a further busy month ahead are in place and not “fun busy” either. I’m still in the “change now or stay the same” mode I was before the holiday. Of course, because Doctor Who is on telly again this means that every Saturday for the next 10 weeks every possible thing will happen to prevent me from being in front of the telly when it is broadcast. My social life will be inundated with visits from and to friends and relatives, giant radioactive wombles will eat my TV, I will be faced with urgent requests to hang pictures up on walls in remote parts of England where there is no television reception and coach loads of tourists will want to see the lamp post out side our house that survived the failed attempt at mating with a car. Believe it! Then after these following 10 weeks I shall return to the almost anonymous silence of Brierley. Awaiting the fourth series of Doctor Who and when my popularity arises mysteriously once more.


Our visit from Nick & Sarah was most enjoying. We headed out to Wintersett and the Anglers Retreat Public House which appears in the Good Beer Guide. A pleasant enough place filled with yokel types but only serving 3 very well kept cask ales (Tetley, John Smiths and Samuel Smiths). They don’t do food though which is a shame as it would probably do really well. It was the kind of pub you half expected the local poacher to enter at any moment laden with pheasants and trout. However the lack of pub grub forced us out to New Miller Dam where we had a fine feast (me opting for the all day breakfast, it being one of the only dishes that didn’t have potato) and had a casual stroll round the dam.

In the evening, the wife and I headed out to Lindseys for a take away from Aagrah and home again for an earlyish night. Sundays activities involved trying to fix the hinge on the garage door (the old one had rusted and snapped) without nipping out to B&Q for a hinge only to give that up as a lost cause and nipping out to B&Q.

At B&Q I got:-

  • Expanding foam in a can
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • 2 x T Hinges
  • Tape measure
  • A cheese burger with onion
  • Lost trying to get back to Brierley from Stairfoot Roundabout.

The nice chemical burns on my fingers from the expanding foam make it look like I haven’t washed my hands in weeks.

15 days and no potato. Jerusalem Artichokes are a suitable replacement though….:-D


I am fairly certain Friday started twice this morning. I distinctly remember turning off my alarm and getting out of bed to get ready for work…but then the alarm went off and I was in bed again. Hmmm…..

I don’t feel sufficiently cured enough nor strong enough to go to the pub after work tonight. I’ve not smoked since Sunday and I know if I go to the pub I’ll want a ciggy. So I wont go. Instead I’ll just sit at home and potter about.

Tomorrow the Nickster is visiting with Sarah which I’m quite excited about.

Sunday I need to drill things. Which means I need a drill. Which means going to B&Q. But I can’t be arsed.



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