Shape of things to come

Recent furore over the 3 British paedos who met through social networking sites will no doubt lead to calls for the regulation and control of social networking sites. Mark my words.

It is worth remembering that while regulation and control are often “for the good” they can also lead to being a detriment especially when Governments become more controlling and insidious. So, while some of you will go “Oh yeah right…that’ll never happen” and “Sure sure” it is worth remembering that the all seeing eyes of the state are not always up front about their controlling of your media access and what you might call “civil liberties” and are often devious about instilling control through “the back door”.

So, watch carefully. Soon there will be increasing calls from “concerned citizerns” about the use of social networking; mysterious opinion poll results saying that the majority of the public are in favour of proposed controls, polls which you will never take part in but somehow speak on behalf of a majority which you are not part of. Watch for murders, terrorism, crime and fraud all linked to the use of social networking sites.

Think then about what you did before the advent of social networking and computers. Remember the smoke filled pubs and bars. The friendly faces you used to chat to while propping the bar. The cheery sign that claimed “There are no strangers here just friends you haven’t met yet”. Think fondly of those times. Think of them and remember, with horror, how a surprising percentage of local public houses in Britain have closed, changed use or been demolished over the last few years because of declining use and loss of business. Think of how you used to mingle with people. Local people. Unmolested and unmonitored. Remember too how we have sleepwalked into the controlling state. Perhaps then, when you talk to your “Ministry of Social Communication Certified Friends” or your ” Government Approved Collegues” you’ll remember together how it was.

It will happen. It is so close you can smell it.

Author: stegzy

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