I noticed with horror today that the evil global megacorp McDonalds have been selected as the “Official Restaurant of the 2012 London Olympics”. Because yes, American Fast food is the defining benchmark of British cuisine is it? Have I missed the point? Or is there some underlying irony in having a promoter of unhealthy diet sponsor an event in which participants must observe a healthy diet? Or has British cuisine finally sunk to flacid mass produced burgers? Will Delia soon be telling us the correct way to flip our patties while Rick Stein champions the use of cod in Fillet O Fish?

Surely a better “official Restaurant” would be to have a specially created one featuring the rich variety of British dishes from the far north to the south. Including black pudding, white pudding, lancashire hot pot, liver and onions, tripe and beef. No. Visitors to the olympics will instead sample processed mystery meat sandwiched between substance garnished with dyed green leaf and thick artery bursting shakes. Because Britian, or should I say “London Theme Park”, is what our imperialistic masters want to sell to the rest of the world.

Incidently, and on a slightly different note, I was recalling the Festival of Britain (I wasn’t there I wasn’t born) and the Great Exhibition (again I’m not that old) and thinking these helped boost and promote Britain, its industries and culture to the world and was like a “oooh look what we can do!” thing. Of course, Britian no longer has much industry. Chief British exports at the moment are, according to Choose British, people(!), drink, wood, energy (though Ofgem recently warned that British power stations are ailing and need refurbishment and of steep price rises) and household electrical goods. A new national exhibition showcasing the best of British industry, culture and blue bags at this time of economic crisis would probably do the country a great deal of good. However, I fear such a move may now be too late……still it would be fun…

Author: stegzy

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