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From the ever reliable Metro – Anger as parents banned from playground

The rise in preposterous child protection rules, for example:- no photos to be taken of school shows; nobody to be left alone with a child unless properly vetted etc, is now reaching new highs of daftness. Now I know the Metro is akin to Daily Mail Lite but still, the fact that this sort of thing goes on or is even suggested is beyond the pale. Perhaps, for all adults safety, children should be shipped off to some distant country, where they are protected by ultra-strict vetted adults until they reach the age of 25 (yes 25; it seems that there are grown adults that still need their parents permission to do things). I suggest that this country be somewhere like Turkmenistan or Kyrgystan though maybe one of the states in America could be emptied, preferably one with a Disney theme park for the little ones, which would be completely fenced off from the outside.

From the BBC – Net Pirates to be Disconnected

Well it’ll be interesting to see how they police this one. P2P is phenomenally easy to track (and a very insecure protocol) which is why I’ve never used it favouring old school methods which will remain undisclosed for fear of increased popularity (for when something becomes popular, it also becomes threatened with closure). Of course, of late the “undisclosed method” has proved to be a bit content lame, but I’m not all that worried. I’ve got far too much to do these days than trawl lists of files looking for something significant. Regardless, I’ve now downloaded almost every album I could possibly have wanted, a good percentage of the films I like (and more) that already own on VHS (recorded off the telly) and pirated software is notoriously dodgy these days besides which open source stuff usually cuts the mustard. So really its just like the box of chocolates has been emptied and we are to be left with the ones that nobody likes.

Aside from that though, I think the musicians have a bloody cheek. In my opinion they should offer all their music for free but charge for live shows. A lot of the musicians that are whinging about it are the popular new lot who would rather be living the rock and roll lifestyle of snorting women and sleeping with drugs than actually producing music that’s any good. Besides, I reckon they could make a shit load of money by recording the gigs and then selling the “bootlegs” to the audience on their way out. That way the CD’s they sell become collectable and unique. Rather than the mass produced perfect bollocks that they churn out these days.

Also from the BBC, Soundscapes

This is an ace idea. I often stand on the back step of The Church of the Blue Bag and wonder what it would have sounded like 20 years ago with the largest coal mine in Britain just under a mile away. On clear nights sound travels up from Grimethorpe to Brierley and often you can hear the sound of goods vehicles reversing into the newly built distribution warehouses. So it follows that when the colliery was in operation Brierley would have been a noisy grimey place instead of the sleepy donkey bray village it is these days.
Conversely, I was, only a moment ago before adding this, discussing how printers in offices tend to be a lot quieter these days. When I started work there was a prevalence of star matrix printers in offices and at 4pm there would be a cacophony of noise as the secretaries rushed to print stuff off for the last mail collection. Sounds which now have sadly gone from our lives

Finally, them bloody supermarkets are at it again!

It looks like yet another feature from our high streets are under threat from the big boys. Indeed, since the Testicles opened up in Hemsworth three of the local “corner shops” have had to do away with their meat counters. This is sad, not only because some independent producers are now lacking a point of sale, but also because the corner shops are losing “oooh while I’m here” trade too. So I imagine, when they finally ban the sale of cigarettes, local corner shops and newsagents will cease to exist leaving yet another yawning gap in the high street. Still I suppose all these abandoned shops will make fantastic luxury apartments.

EDIT – Oh yes, and am I the only person in the world who is concerned about the the idea of an non-democratically elected Tony Blair as European President?

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