So this is the plan.

There is a walk I’d like to do. It is a long long walk. But I think it would help me clear my mind and procrastinate without actually sitting on my arse playing World of Warcraft all day. It would probably help me get fit too. I am terribly out of shape and I worry that unless I start to be proactive about stuff I will end up in an old people’s home being force fed puréed carrot by a Polish nurse with BO.

This walk is terribly long. It is the Edge of Wales walk …well partly because the walk I have in mind continues from Aberdaron to Abersoch and possibly Pwllheli. Highly ambitious I know and possibly something to work toward at a later date.

But the walk is not the plan. It is part of the plan. But more like the goal.

The plan is actually less convoluted than that. The plan is to see if I can actually survive a week in the wilds on my own. I need to do this for several reasons.

  1. To see if I can actually survive in the wilds on my own
  2. To see if I’d bore myself on my own
  3. I need a holiday
  4. I need to see if I can live off a minimal budget
  5. I haven’t been to Wales in over 3 years

Originally I was going to buy a 2 man tent, chuck it into the back of the burgundy nasty and rough it with nought else but a table and chair, some food, a notepad and a pen. I would then sit in delightful countryside, write and ponder. This would be downsizing my camping inventory to a bare minimum in preparation for a super long walk.

But then I thought, why buy a 2 man tent when I have a 6 man tent in the shed collecting dust. Yes it is a ball ache trying to erect a tent of that size on my own but I figure if I can stick a 6 man up on my own then a 2 man should be a piece of piss.

So the plan.

  1. Chuck the 6 man in the Burgundy Nasty
  2. Chuck the table, chair and ancillary stuff into the back of the Burgundy Nasty
  3. Cross my fingers that the Burgundy Nasty would manage the journey
  4. Pitch, chill and write (with maybe a visit from zoefruitcake)
  5. Maybe do some walking.

I’m hoping that this will take place in the next few weeks. All dependent on weather.

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