The me meme theme meme (thirty day edition)

Day 03 – Your parents

There are a couple of elderly but spriteful pensioners about 2 hours drive away from me. Both very generous, caring and accepting yet often overly suspicious of others. These same pensioners will think nothing of driving a 40 mile round trip to get yogurts, throwing out perfectly usable objects because “Nobody will want them” or “they’re slightly scratched”. They will also amusingly tell me off for wasting money on things yet will quite happily leave VHS recorders on standby all year round despite not having played a VHS video for over 2 years and will buy more expensive pre-weighed ready wrapped (sometimes precooked) vegetables instead of the cheaper option of weighing out the required amount. These same people believe the ethos – the more it costs the better it is. Clearly the insanity of these people is only furthered by their ascertainment that they are my parents. Still, despite their ravings, I am happy to care for them and attempt to make them proud.

Because all know that my true parentage stems from a biblical giant and the Queen of Gondwanaland. Legendary. Cross-cultural mythology. Taught around the world, across generations. Oral and written traditions. Which if I went into would no doubt cause you to cease reading this series of entries out of boredom.