Stairs stares

Being in a college you would expect lots of stairs. Especially as there are 5 floors to the main building and ladders don’t really cut the mustard* really do they?

Now, when I was at school, the senior teachers would monitor the stairwells and shriek “Keep to the right” as errant boys marched up and down the stairs en route to their classes or sneaky fag break round the back of the bike sheds. This, in my later years, I remembered whenever I used the stairs in the workplace.

Recently, however, regardless of which side I go up or down the stairs it always seems like I have to side step to let people pass or else face the “look of certain and unpleasant death” that a lot of people in this part of the world wear. So….that’s why I ask..

Oh and the egg thing? I still wonder what was going through the mind of the person who saw something coming out of a chickens arse and ate it.

*DisclaimerWhile it might seem big and clever, using ladders to cut mustard is inadvisable. When cutting mustard be aware of others around you and ensure that you use the correct implement and safety gear. Remember, cutting mustard costs lives. If in doubt, consult a responsible adult.