The people rise up against their government. There is injustice and corruption in the world.

People are unemployed, poor and cannot afford to feed their children. Austere governments demand that people that can’t work must work whether they want to or not. Politicians lie, cheat and steal. Bankers get fat on inflated charges. Food and fuel prices rise but wages fall or are frozen.

These are all but trivial matters for what is most important….what is more newsworthy…what is causing masses to rise up in disgust and revolt….what causes grown men to gnash their teeth, rend their raiment and wail in the street…. is the NUMBER OF BINS some councils in WEALTHIER areas of the UK insist residents have. It’s terrible (so I’m told). 9 bins in some parts of the country! STOP THE PRESS! 9 BINS!


Chuffing ‘eck!