Came home last night and nearly died. My shed door was wide open. Initial thought was “Fuckers!! They’ve nicked everything”. This swiftly turned to “OMG! They’re still here” as I saw a beany hatted head stick its head out in reaction to my approaching car. Thoughts then resolved to “Ah tis only Dominic the electrician”.

Dominic, the cool electrician (he never grumbles, works like a horse and always has a smile on his face) had come to replace our external lights for PIR lights. He is also fitting us a new house alarm (the one he fitted during the rewire didn’t come up to our standard) and has fitted a nice shiny new security light above the garage door.

This now means that when the light is triggered at night my Gate Cam gets a nice clear image of the car and starts taking pictures. Ace! We are also toying with the idea of putting a couple of wireless webcams around the property and getting a crappy Pentium III running W2K and the old 6GB HD I have knocking about. Thing is I don’t want to pay for the PIII. I have a PII but I don’t think that would be powerful enough nor do I think I can find some old webcam software the same standard as WebcamXP. Especially as I had a clear out of all my redundant
Win9x/ME software disks recently.

We took a trip to B&Q too last night. It was eerie walking round B&Q at 7pm. It was as if we were the only people in there. But we managed to get a nice lock for the back door, some energy saving light bulbs and some batteries for the weighing scales. We got back just in time to catch Five Days which watches like some cheap clone of 24 only without explosions and Edward Woodward looking old and fat.

In other news, the nicely painted kitchen needs to be painted again. The wife has decided that the paint currently in use isnt splash resistant enough for use in a kitchen. Currently it is a nice subtle bluey greeny white but it is getting scuffed and there are splashes where the dishwasher is.

I also need to have a look at the drains. The one where the sink and dishwasher empties gets blocked by gunk. I think I need to remove the metal grille and raise it beyond the bottom of the outflow pipe. DIY is not one of my strong points but I’ll give it a whirl.

Today’s juice contained


I didn’t have any. It looked rank. But the wife enjoyed it.


I’ve got a case of blogorrhea today.

The wife suggested we dusted off the juice extractor thingie and use that in an effort to make ourselves healthy again. This involves me getting up 5 minutes earlier so that I can juice every juicy thing in the house in an effort to make something vaguely palatable.

This mornings juice contained

Brussell Sprouts
Kiwi fruit
Aloe Vera plant

As a result my fingers smell of lemon and, I imagine, the wife will be pissing for Britain today (cucumber is diuretic).

Meanwhile, back on Planet Badger, “Put your medicines in the medicine drawer please” has resulted in me not taking my medicine this morning. Not out of spite or anything but because I couldn’t see them when I woke up, meaning I didn’t make the mental pathways to remember to take them. So I’m feeling a bit tingly at the moment as the bisoprolol wears off and my body starts to use more oxygen . Hopefully I’ll be ok until 4:30pm…

Last night I had oaty cakey things (more like oat burgers) instead of potato. Very nice indeed.