Today’s juice involved:-


The wife said I used too much lemon (I used half a lemon) but otherwise it was nice. I discovered just now that rhubarb juice has laxative and cathartic properties. Hehehehe.

I am fat. I have put on weight. Ok I’m not a barrel of butter but I’ve definitely put on weight. Whether this is down to not eating potatoes or whether this is something else I don’t know. But this morning I caught my reflection in the mirror as I alighted from the shower and it made me think “Fat bastard!” and the quick step on the scales revealed something a bit shocking.

I think it all boils down to the lack of exercise, the chocolate bar at lunch and possibly over doing it on the oats. Thankfully the evenings are getting brighter so I might start taking the pedal bike for a spin in the evenings (weather permitting).

Mrs Owen stopped us on our way out to tell us that yesterday she had her gardener sweep the bottom step which fills with leaves. She told us in the way that said “I seem to always do this you lazy buggers” but nicely. I slipped in a comment that our compost bin was already overflowing with the leaves I had swept up from the bottom step on several occasions and the wife slipped in a less than obvious “the tree is in your garden you old goat” comment (sans old goat).

Mrs Owen then spotted the sign I affixed to the garage door warning readers that they are under surveillance by hidden cameras. We pointed out the Gate Cam and I mentioned how I planned on getting a further 2 cameras and positioning one by the front door and another at the side door. This worried Mrs Owen and she commented “Thats a good idea though you should consider invasion of privacy” to which I added “They would be monitoring my own property” and slipped some technobabble in to get her to shut up. She nearly made me late for work. I dropped the wife in Hemsworth and got to work just in time. The first person I saw in work today was the last person I saw in work last night. Which amused me slightly.

I have decided I am going to adopt a “wait and see” policy with regard to Vista. No longer having the guiding hand of Jamie-in-Leyland or Ian H means I will have to keep my ear to the ground and my eye in the newsgroups. There are several reasons for my hesitation.

  • some games less than 3 years old will not work in Vista (GTA:SA for example) even in compatibility mode
  • the onboard DRM
  • some of my hardware probably won’t work (scanner etc)
  • my PC isnt as speedy as it used to be and requires a slight upgrade first.

I had a look at new motherboards and processors last night and was surprised at the low cost. So I aim to upgrade by Christmas 2007 by which time I should have saved a teeny bit of wedge for the necessary bits and bobs. Maybe even a new case. The current PC is less than 3 years old anyway so it should last a bit longer.

I need a holiday.

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