I’ve got a case of blogorrhea today.

The wife suggested we dusted off the juice extractor thingie and use that in an effort to make ourselves healthy again. This involves me getting up 5 minutes earlier so that I can juice every juicy thing in the house in an effort to make something vaguely palatable.

This mornings juice contained

Brussell Sprouts
Kiwi fruit
Aloe Vera plant

As a result my fingers smell of lemon and, I imagine, the wife will be pissing for Britain today (cucumber is diuretic).

Meanwhile, back on Planet Badger, “Put your medicines in the medicine drawer please” has resulted in me not taking my medicine this morning. Not out of spite or anything but because I couldn’t see them when I woke up, meaning I didn’t make the mental pathways to remember to take them. So I’m feeling a bit tingly at the moment as the bisoprolol wears off and my body starts to use more oxygen . Hopefully I’ll be ok until 4:30pm…

Last night I had oaty cakey things (more like oat burgers) instead of potato. Very nice indeed.