Here is my latest video offering. It is a sequence of films and stills shot around Norton, where I live, supported with a soundtrack from an unknown source. The song featured appears on a 90 minute mixtape which was given to Mrs Gnomepants V1.0 by a university friend in the nineties. I have no idea what the song is called and I have no idea who it is by. Googlefu has failed me.

I hope you enjoy!

HedNodz from Stegzy Gnomepants on Vimeo.

The Old Grey Stegzy Gnomepants Test

So following the untimely passing of one of my fellow students, I have been digging around my old archive to see what stuff I have from the time.

One of my favourite all time things was when I directed and produced a “Live” broadcast as part of my Media Production Degree. The first we heard of it was when our lecturer, Alf, told us the previous day we were to be filming and mixing a “Live” performance of the Music students. I had always wanted to produce a music video and my this was my chance. However, before you judge, there are some things you should know:-

  • The whole thing was unprepared.
  • The musicians had never performed with each other as a group before.
  • The musicians had only 3 days or so to practice.
  • The sound mixing came from the Sound Technology students who also didn’t appear to be prepared (as you will hear from the video)
  • I started to get into the swing of it by the third set.

Anyway, as you will see, there are some talented people out there. I just wish I knew who they all were! If you know, feel free to post a link to the video on your Facebook.

Bands from stegzy gnomepants on Vimeo.

And now…the shipping forecast

The Shipping Forecast from stegzy gnomepants on Vimeo.

A Windows movie maker file containing pictures wizzed from google images and put to the tune “Sailing By” by Ronald Binge.

Editing by Stegzy Gnomepants


Recently I’ve been very tired. Tiredness is never a good sign for me. I’ve been sleeping very well. Like a log for example. Even down to the beetles crawling over me and the fungus growing in my crevices.

This weekend I had a jolly good time visiting zoefruitcake where we watched DVD’s (including Wickerman, Wild Things, Legend of Fong Sai Yuck, the squeem enducing Audition and the epic Exterminator) and ate yumtastic chinese food. We even had a visit to a local farm shop, Hill Top Farm, which, I am sorry to say, didn’t meet my expectations.

It seems there are two camps of farm shoppery. Those that truely believe in the “Local is good and should be affordable” and those that follow the “Our average customer is a trendy Guardian reader so we can hike our prices to ridiculous heights thus fleecing the customer and doing the Local is good thing more damage than a whole parade of supermarkets”. Sadly the latter is becoming more and more prevalent. The former, hard to find.

You can tell a trendy farmshop by the feel inside. If you feel like you’re in a trendy deli, then it’s likely you’re in a rip-off shop. Though I am open to persuasion that this is not the case. Its sad that there are some farm shops that see the need to hike their prices through the roof because of their clientele. Like wise it is sad to see farmshops just selling the same expensive independently produced posh shite that you can get up and down the country in any farm shop. To me, a successful farmshop should be no nonsense with a butchers, maybe selling some local jams and honeys, possibly some bread and some fruit and veg at low prices. Not artificially inflated “Oooh we can make loads selling chicken like this cos they’ll pay it unquestionably”. So yes, Hill Top Farm will have a muckybadger review in the near future. I will make sure I highlight the £6.50 for two non-free range chicken breasts in a suspicious sauce sold in vaccuum sealed packets as I will no doubt point out the crappy sausages (75% meat?! I expect at least 80%) and the E numbers in the ingredients.

So yeah, I’m tired. It doesn’t help that I’m in work until 8pm tonight. Nor does it help that I have an early start in the morning. Bed early for me I thinkz.

Lost Time

Somewhere, in Hollywood, there are some creatures that feed on lost time. I’m certain of it. Maybe they’re aliens from another world where time is a scarce commodity. Or maybe they’re from closer to home, over worked executives wanting to somehow recapture their own lost time via some temporal thievery. Whatever they are in order to harvest this lost time these creatures produce films that sap peoples time. This “lost time” is then harvested, processed and devoured by these creatures. Maybe so they can spend longer on the golf course or at home with the wife and kids. Who knows?

Gimme back


I went to see Cloverfield yesterday afternoon. Fuck me! Am I glad I went to see it on the cinema. I don’t think that watching it on a crappy 24″ TV would have done it justice.

Thought it was quite harrowing in parts but a bloody good bit of cinematography. Makes Blair Witch look like an art school project (wait…it was). Can’t wait for the next one. J J Abrams does a bloody good job by all accounts.

Having already seen Juno (also bloody good) I’m now looking forward to Jumper. Ironman and Rambo IV I think I can leave.

This is Sky Captain. I’m on my way

Scott came and kept me company last night. We had home made pizza, full fat Dr Pepper and watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I enjoyed the film as it reminded me of Metropolis (one of my all time movie faves). I thought it was filmed very well and the colours and lighting absolutely perfect.

I love “boys own adventure” stuff. My favourite books of its type are “King Solomons Mines” and the Biggles series. Whistful imaginings of bygone authors. Its a real shame there isnt anything like that today really. I suppose I Robot comes close but it doesnt quite qualify.

I then watered the garden (outside tap is behaving itself once again) and went to bed. Our vegetable patch is looking good. I can’t wait to try the carrots. The radishes and strawberries are doing mighty fine too 😉

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