This is Sky Captain. I’m on my way

Scott came and kept me company last night. We had home made pizza, full fat Dr Pepper and watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I enjoyed the film as it reminded me of Metropolis (one of my all time movie faves). I thought it was filmed very well and the colours and lighting absolutely perfect.

I love “boys own adventure” stuff. My favourite books of its type are “King Solomons Mines” and the Biggles series. Whistful imaginings of bygone authors. Its a real shame there isnt anything like that today really. I suppose I Robot comes close but it doesnt quite qualify.

I then watered the garden (outside tap is behaving itself once again) and went to bed. Our vegetable patch is looking good. I can’t wait to try the carrots. The radishes and strawberries are doing mighty fine too 😉