More piccy schtuff

Right, I love this place……its the best cafe in Liverpool (until I find a betterer one of course)



Kiss your monitor now….for it does THE best garlic pockets this side of Lodge Lane. Forget coming to Liverpool to see all the Cathedrals and ferries and the Beatles stuff…..come ONLY for Kimos…..everything else is extra….

Below are some lovely shady trees at the front of one of the libraries where I have to sit for at least 5 hours a week because of some heinous crime I commited in a past life. You will also note a strange structure. This is supposedly modern art, designed by a long passed graduate. However nothing could be further from the truth. It is, actually, the remnants of an alien space craft which emedded itself into the ground during the Ice Age.*

Ivy clad buildings

Modern arse
*= may be lies

More pickles soon

Against my better judgement I thought I’d give the text message thingy a go as well….no doubt I’ll end up getting texts at 3am or something stupid….but hey I’ll try anything once