Network problem causes time space disruption

User – I can’t access my filestore.
stegzy – Nobody can. There is a system/campus wide problem.
User – So I can’t access my files then?
stegzy – Nope.
User – Is this campus wide?
stegzy yes
User – What about the management school?
stegzy – Campus wide.
User – So there’s no way of getting my file. I really have to get the file. I have to hand it in in 20 minutes
stegzy – Absolutely not. The problem is system and campus wide that means that some services on the system and the campus off-line or at risk. This is a major network problem.
User – Oh. So there really is no way I can get my file?
stegzy – Yes. There is one way. Wait until the network outage has been fixed and then you will be able to retrieve your file..
User – Any idea how long it’s going to be?
stegzy – Nope. Could be an hour could be longer.
User – So I wont be able to get it in the next 20 minutes.
stegzy – Well unless you exist on a different time frame than everyone else….the answer is still no.