Lunch math

This time last year I was going to Kimo’s most lunch times (well once or twice a week) I didn’t put on much weight.

This year I have mostly been having ham or turkey salad sandwiches (no mayo) and a bag of doritos. I am ballooning like the Hindenburg.

This time last year I walked about 2 miles a day. This year I drive door to door.

Therefore if

unhealthy burgers + 2 miles walking=static weight


healthy sandwiches + 0.5 miles walking = weight gain

we can see that

weight gain = static weight + healthy sandwiches + 0.5 miles walking

Which means

weight loss = Static weight – healthy sandwiches + 0.5 miles walking

and static weight = burgers + 2 miles walking

Therefore dinner = 2 miles walk to burger shop

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